Advice for organisations applying for a grant

  • A separate application form for organisations is available.
  • Please note the timetable and that organisations must ensure that any grant awarded is used for the purpose for which it is awarded and that appropriate records of expenditure under any grant awarded are kept, and, that if requested, these are made available to the GMCTF.
  • Please also note that control of expenditure funded under any grant awarded by the GMCTF is covered by formal audit arrangements, including standard procedures for anti-fraud and corruption control.
  • Please note that as well as a narrative report on activities carried out under any grant awarded, an end of grant Spend Report is required.

Before starting to fill in the Application Forms, please read carefully through the form and its notes and the information available on the website and make yourself aware of the Timetable for applications.  The Trust's selection criteria and their weightings are described in Note 1 attached to the application form.  The FAQs may help you to clarify the matters about which you are uncertain.

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