Application Form

General guidance for grant applicants

  • Please read the Advice to Applicants pages on our website before you complete this form.
  • Please see the Notes below this form. In particular please read Note 1 which outlines the selection criteria used by the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund (GMCTF) in considering grant applications.
  • Please submit the form electronically by 28th February 2020 at the latest, via the submit button below the form. You will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt of your application by email to your primary email address and will be given a reference number. See the Timetable pages for when you will hear about the outcome of your application.
  • Please do not send any additional information with this form e.g. CVs, photos, transcripts, certificates, letters of recommendation.

An asterisk * indicates a section of the form that is mandatory and must be completed.

Section 1 Application Summary

1a Your personal details

Family Name (exactly as on your passport):*
First names (exactly as on your passport):*
Title (Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss):*
Previous Family name, if changed:
Gender (male, female):*
Date of birth:*
Country of birth:*
Country of normal residence:*
Visa status for country of study (see Note 2):

1b Your contact details

Home address:*
Address for receipt of mail (This can be your home address, or a work address if this is more secure or more convenient):*
This address will be valid until:*
Landline telephone number:
Mobile telephone number:*
Primary e-mail address (this will be used for communication with the GMCTF):*
Alternative e-mail address:

1c Your proposed course of study

For what course of study and at which institution are you applying for a GMCTF grant ? (see Note 3):*
What qualification will you obtain?:*
Start date (month and year) of proposed course:*
How long is the course scheduled to last?:*
Please give the expected end date:*
Proposed start date (month and year) of GMCTF funding:*

Section 2 Further details

2a Academic record since leaving school

Name of university, college or institute:
Dates attended:
Major subject:
Degree or Qualification:
Date of Award:
GPA grade or other qualification (see Note 4):

2b Other University or Professional Qualifications

Please list here any other university or professional qualifications you have obtained (do not list qualifications obtained by less than 9 months of study):

2c Proficiency in English Language. (see Note 5)

Was English the language of instruction in your degree course?:
Which English Language test have you taken? (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, Internet-based TOEFL, CPE):
When did you take it:
What were your test scores?:
If you do not yet have your test results, when do you expect to have them?:
Or please provide other evidence of English language proficiency:

2d Referees (see Note 6)

We need references from two people who are able and willing to comment on your suitability for a grant from the GMCTF. One of these should ideally be your supervisor or proposed supervisor of the course for which you are applying for funding from the GMCTF.

You must choose these referees, and ask each of them to send their reference under their institutional letterhead either electronically to or by post to Secretary, GMCTF, PO Box 122, ARUNDEL BN18 8BE, UK. For further guidance please suggest that your referees look at the Referees pages of the website. Please note: It is your responsibility to ensure that the references reach GMCTF by 8th March 2017. The committee may be unable to consider any application in respect of which references have not been received.

Please give details of these referees:

1st Referee's name:
Job title:
Professional relationship to you (e.g. university tutor):
How long have you known this referee?:
Landline telephone:
Mobile telephone:
2nd Referee's name:
Job title:
Professional relationship to you (e.g. university tutor):
How long have you known this referee?:
Landline telephone:
Mobile telephone:

2e Financial needs (Please read note 7 carefully)

What will be the TOTAL cost of your study for the year?

How much are you requesting from GMCTF for:

  • Living expenses - accommodation and food
  • Tuition fees
  • Other (in exceptional circumstances we may give support towards bench fees, thesis binding or other costs); if applying for these, please specify, and explain why you need this exceptional support

Total amount requested:

What other funds or scholarships do you have? Please list these, and the value of them:
These sums can only be paid by monthly standing order to your bank account. Please arrange for a letter to be sent from your institution to the GMCTF Secretary at P.O. Box 122 ARUNDEL BN18 8BE confirming your attendance on your course.

Section 3 Further details

3a Reasons for choosing your course of study (maximum 300 words)


Why do you wish to study the course for which you are applying for a GMCTF grant? Please say what features of the course are particularly attractive to you and how the course will contribute to your future plans and ambitions:

3b How will it help you to contribute? (maximum 300 words)


How will your course of study help you to contribute to the skills base of Sudan/South Sudan?:

3c What your plans for the future? (maximum 300 words)


Do you intend to return to Sudan/South Sudan upon completion of your course? Please tell us what you intend to do:

Section 4 Declaration

Full name:*
By submitting this form electronically, you will be deemed to have made the above declaration.

Section 5 Submission

Notes to help you to fill in this application form

Note 1: Selection criteria for GMCTF grants

Selection is based on the following criteria, which are weighted as indicated:


Your contribution to the future skills base of Sudan/South Sudan - we will assess this through your answers to Questions 3b and 3c. We look particularly favourably on applications which show how the skills and knowledge which are acquired will have a wider effect, through being passed on to others and/or through developing their skills.


Academic record - we will assess this through your answers to Questions 2a and b.


Your reason for studying your chosen course - we will assess this through your answer to Question 3a.


English language proficiency - we will assess this through your answer to Question 2c.


Referees reports - see Question 2d.


Financial information - we will assess this through your answer to Question 2e.


The overall impression of application - we will assess this through your responses to all the questions.

Note 2: Visa Status

Please give details of your visa status if you already have a visa. You do not have to have a visa to apply for a grant but it is helpful for the GMCTF to know if you have one.

Note 3: Course of Study

Please tell us the name of the institution and the title of the course and qualification that will be obtained.

Note 4: Academic Record

Every course of study will have its own entrance requirements. The GMCTF seeks to support the most able students, who will benefit from postgraduate study. Please give your Grade Point Average (GPA) for your first (university) degree. This should be 3.3 out of 4.0 or above. Alternatively you should hold a good 2.1 degree or an equivalent qualification.

Note 5: English Language proficiency

It is important for the GMCTF to know that your English is good enough for you to participate satisfactorily in your course of study. The preferred measure of English Language proficiency for most universities/institutions is the IELTS and the normal minimum requirement is a score of 6.5 including at least 6.0 on every element. The TOEFL can be accepted with a minimum score of 573 including a TWE score of 4.5. The Internet-based TOEFL requirement is 89 with no component under 22.

Note 6: Referees

References play an important part in our decision taking. If we have not heard from referees, we will not be able to consider your application; please make sure that they send their references in on time.

Note 7: Financial needs

GMCTF is not normally able to meet the full costs of a course of study. We expect that applicants will usually have funds of their own, or support from other sources, to meet part of the costs. To help us make a decision on your application, it is very important that you explain clearly what support you are requesting from GMCTF and what this is for - fees, cost of living, or other. It is also important that you explain what other scholarships or funds you have, or have applied for. The amount requested from GMCTF and the amount available from other sources should equal the total cost that you have stated for the year.

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